Unlock Extra Earnings: Add Your Affiliate Links to FRL!

Hey Creators!

If you’re looking for a simple way to boost your earnings, we’ve got an exciting hack for you: add your own affiliate links when you add products to FRL! This trick is not only super easy but can also significantly increase your income. Here’s how it works:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Add Your Affiliate Link: When you add a product to FRL, you’ll see an option to include a URL. Instead of just pasting the product link, insert your affiliate link. This ensures that every time someone clicks and purchases through that link, you earn a commission.
  2. Create Your List: After adding the product with your affiliate link, add it to your FRL list. Your list is a curated collection of products that you recommend or use.

The Magic:

Once you’ve added your affiliate-linked products to your FRL list, these products become available to everyone on the FRL platform. Here’s the exciting part: other creators and users can see, share, and promote the products from your list, all while your affiliate link remains intact.

Why This Hack is Awesome:

  • More Exposure: Your affiliate-linked products aren’t just limited to your audience. They’re now part of the larger FRL community, getting more eyeballs and clicks.
  • Increased Earnings: Each time another creator or user shares or promotes the products from your list, you earn more! It’s like having a team of people working to boost your affiliate commissions without any extra effort from you.


  • Effortless Income: You’re leveraging the power of the FRL community to maximize your earnings.
  • Collaborative Growth: By sharing products, you’re contributing to a network where everyone benefits.

Ready to maximize your earnings? Start adding your affiliate links to FRL products today and watch your income grow as others share and promote your products!

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