Embed your list on your website

Creators, we’re excited to announce a new feature that allows you to easily embed your favorite products or entire lists from FRL directly onto your website or blog. This is a fantastic way to enhance your content and provide your audience with seamless access to the products you love and recommend.

Here’s how it works:

(1) Navigate to the Product Page or Your List: Find the product or list you want to embed.

(2) Click on Share: Look for the share button on the page.

(3) Select the Embed Icon: Click the embed icon to generate the embed code.

(4) Copy and Paste the Code: Simply copy the provided code and paste it directly into the HTML of your website or blog.

(5) Instant Results: Your website visitors can directly see products and interact, without leaving your website, you can still track your list performance on FRL!

This feature not only enriches your content but also creates a more interactive experience for your visitors, encouraging them to engage with the products you feature.

Try it out today and take your creator business to the next level with FRL!

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